Flushed Blush: The Rise in Popularity of Excessive Blush & How to Achieve It!

Blush Can Never Be Too Much! Here’s Our Thoughts on the Rise in Popularity of Excessive Blush & How to Achieve It!

Blush has always been a staple in beauty but has most popularly been used

to give a “healthy glow”; however, now we’re seeing it in an entirely new light. Blush

is being used to showcase vivid pigments in concentrated areas, resulting in a flushed,

bashful, cutesy look, like the one of a flustered child at a birthday party.

The apple of a cheek being reserved for a rosy glow is a thing of the past with blush

taking occupancy on the temples, chin, forehead and even the nose which is usually

used for that statement flash of highlight. People are swapping out a perfectly chiselled

face for something a little more whimsical.

Beret Berry is a fantastic shade to experiment with while playing around with this technique. It’s a cool berry shade that mimics a very natural flush but can be easily built up to a sunburned burst of colour. Dream Cheeks is Vegan, cruelty free and made in Italy. It is also made in small batches to ensure consistency & quality.

Techniques like this give a hopeful glow for the beauty industry; when you think

everything has been done and we may have seen it all, something new comes along

and gives you an entirely different point of view. It’s also interesting to see how previous

trends compliment modern techniques. Faux-freckles and concentrated blush are a match

made in heaven, and contour with highlight go hand-in-hand. It may be for you, it may

not, but it’s defiantly refreshing to see make-up take an alternative, artistic direction.

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