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Luke Nolan

The Founder

Hey! I’m Luke, the founder of Lukey Lukey! My professional journey in the beauty industry began in 2008, but beauty has played an undeniable role in my life, always. Lukey Lukey is the result of every avenue I’ve explored to this point. I’ve taken my expertise as a colourist & educator and paired it with my knowledge as a beauty editor to develop a brand that I believe will empower and inspire our clientele  – from professionals to beauty enthusiasts.

Growing up I was always self conscious of blushing and having rosy cheeks; Naturally, this inspired me to have cream blush debut Lukey Lukey Beauty. Launching a brand that celebrates vulnerabilities empowers me and helps reinforce the message I want to send to our clients: we define our own definition of beauty. When I decided to create my own beauty brand, it was important for me to have packaging that was as adorable as the formula was exquisite. Having worked exclusively within the luxury division of the industry, it was top priority for me to ensure that I was proud to put my name to our formulas. Manufacturing all of our products in Europe with the highest-quality, most innovative ingredients guarantees a flawless experience using Lukey Lukey cosmetics.